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Local Howl- Question from staff: "Is 300 markings a lot, or a little to you? Would you rather have more markings or a smaller download size?" We want your opinions!
DesertDes: I'mma do a rain dance, but also a warmth dance because if the rain gets here in this weather, it'll just turn into gross snow which is the opposite of what I want... This is gonna be risky -Gets the fruit hat- Jan 19, 2020 3:15:31 GMT -5
Lifeon: it snowed here last night Jan 19, 2020 10:21:04 GMT -5
MinniHowl: Give me the snow. I want the snow! (not the heavy wet kind obvi) Snow is so pretty and lights up more and so so so much better than this cursed rain rain rain :c Jan 21, 2020 14:29:12 GMT -5 *
DesertDes: WEATHER TRADE, we're gonna need the big fans for this one Jan 23, 2020 19:19:08 GMT -5
❅Whoa❅: Hello there! are ppl still using DA or what are ppl using nowdays? Jan 24, 2020 16:25:01 GMT -5
Lifeon: In general or do you mean for updates? In general DA is suffering (thanks eclipse), but if you mean updates for PmC I sometimes put thing's here but I avoid posting to threads or social media anymore Jan 26, 2020 15:04:01 GMT -5
❅Whoa❅: I meant in general :) oh ok ^^ Cant u just turn off eclipse tho? DA is still being used my most it seems then. Jan 26, 2020 15:48:41 GMT -5 *
Lifeon: You can but it's only temporary unfortunately, new accounts don't have the option at all, I've seen so many people moving to twitter and Instagram but I still attempt to use DA, PmC thou I just keep it here in this chat when I feel it's something good Jan 27, 2020 6:40:26 GMT -5
❅Whoa❅: oh no! I hate twitter, I cant use stambs there :( and instagram is ok but u cant customize ur front page that much which I like about DA. I guess in the end u can just have ur own website linked on the social medias. Jan 27, 2020 15:30:29 GMT -5 *
Lifeon: Found the reason pages were taking so long to load and fixed it)) Feb 6, 2020 10:42:08 GMT -5
Starwater: Local Howl Response: 300 Markings is fine, you have to also think that it will help other wolves be unique from one another, How is everyone today? I'm still a lone wolf with only 11 posts but I thought about PmC last night <3 Feb 6, 2020 12:42:45 GMT -5
Starwater: In the unofficial discord all I see is #rules # announcements and AFK voice channel lol Feb 6, 2020 12:43:54 GMT -5
Lifeon: Hello, yeah you message one of that discords moderators here on the forum and they will unlock the channels for you, you prove you have a forum account essentially Feb 6, 2020 14:54:38 GMT -5
MinniHowl: I'm clinging to old dA still Feb 6, 2020 15:45:36 GMT -5
MinniHowl: you should've gotten a DM on discord with the info needed to gain access to the other accounts Feb 6, 2020 15:46:54 GMT -5 *
Onyxoasis: Hello Everyone! I am conducting some quick interviews regarding the game and community. If you would like to participate, please send me a message :) Feb 9, 2020 15:12:34 GMT -5
.:Sticks:.: Oi I'm retired x,D Feb 10, 2020 10:54:33 GMT -5
.:Sticks:.: Stars I feel old x3 Feb 10, 2020 10:59:31 GMT -5
GhoztWolve: Yo where's my interview Onyx? Feb 27, 2020 3:37:44 GMT -5
Vulture: she never responded to my reply for it and I was excited to do it too :( Feb 27, 2020 12:29:01 GMT -5