Primitive Call FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hello Community of Primtive Call! The Staff of Primitive Call have decided to create a board for F.A.Q, to answer all of your questions. So Please, before you ask us a question, look at our List of Questions and Answers. We've divided it into parts to make it easier for you wolfys. If we don't so happen to have one in your questions, we'll answer you and put it right in.

Game Questions:

Here's all of our F.A.Q's about the game specifically;
-When's the Release Date?:
There's no release date, and we can't give out any ideas on when it might be released. It can't be certified.

-Will you be sharing everything about the game?:
No, the staff wish to keep a large portion of the game and details of some aspects a secret, we want players to discover the game for themselves when it is released.

-Will there be a public Beta Server?:
No, there will not be. The Staff of Primitive Call are working on developing the game so there will be no glitches or bugs when the game is released for the public, so it'll be perfect for you wolfys.

-Will there be Presets?:
No, we will not have Presets.

-Is the game going to be Unrealistic?:
No, Primitive Call is a game of realism. So it'll be realistic.

-How much can I customize my wolf?:
Tons, the body shape and features of your wolf have a large range of customization. As for markings and color, colors are limited to natural fur colors and markings. There will be a very large number of markings to choose from an layer on your wolf.

-Can I adjust the body type, size and shape of my wolf?:
Yes, there are plenty of settings to modify the scale and body of your wolf, not just it's colors and markings.

-Can I have missing limbs on my wolf?:
Yes, there is a set of parts/features specifically for missing limbs, eyes, broken tails and torn ears.

-Can I layer markings? How many can I have layered?:
Yes, markings will be layered to create very unique characters, how many layers you can have is still up for debate, but it should be anywhere from 3 to 8.

-Can the marking layers be made transparent/opace to blend colors?:
We are unsure at the current time if this is possible.

-What colors can I use on my wolf?:
We only allow colors which are realistic, and have made a special color picker with a range of realistic colors. Brown, red, gold, silver, grey, blue-grey, black, white, tan are the general names for what colors can be used.

-Can I use markings/features/parts that are asymmetrical?:
No, all of the wolves textures are mirrored, though body parts are not, so asymmetrical features/parts are available, like floppy ears on one side and being one-eyed.

-Will there be scars?:
No, if we do include them they will all be symmetrical, all of the textures are symmetrical.

-Can I adjust coat thickness on my wolf?:
Yes, this is a option like other body shape and sizing settings.

-Is there vocal customization?:
Yes, there are a few settings to chose what pitch your wolves vocals are.

-How many Characters can we have?:
We're uncertain on how much we've decided the limit, but for now we've estimated around 15-25.

-Can we have pups?:
Players can be pups, but there will be no NPC wolves. Players can play as any age from puppy, to teen, to adult via an option in the character creator.

-Do pups and wolves age automatically? Is there an option?:
Age can only be edited in the charactor creator, and you can edit a character in the creator at any time. There is no automatic ageing.

-Will my wolf's age effect gameplay?:
Yes, puppies for example cannot hunt what adults can and are able to hide places adult's cannot, and vise versa. Age specific features will be included.

-What animals can we play as?:
Only wolves, other animals will be NPC. Dogs, and hybrids between dogs and wolves, while discussed, were decided against.

-Will there be other animals in-game?:
Yes, a large array of animals will be included in-game.

-Will there be hunting?:
Yes, your wolf needs to hunt food, drink, and rest to survive.

-Can fight other players?:
Yes, PvP is included, but other wolves cannot hurt you if you do not want them too.

-What kind of terrain will be in the game?:
The terrain will all be to the theme of Northern Nature. The maps range from open snowy tundra to rich Autum forests to rocky mountain ranges, and even have areas like dark forests.

-Is the game going to have weather?:
Yes, depending on what map you are at there will be different weather conditions.

-If it snows, will the amount of snow on the ground increase?:
No, we are not able to add this kind of feature, though it would have been nice.

-If I walk in snow, mud or water will there be pawprints or ripples?:

-Will my wolf appear wet if it is in the rain or water?:
Yes, due to the lighting and texture edits during weather like rain, your wolf should appear darker in coloration; wet, in the rain or after entering bodies of water.

-Can my wolf swim?:
Yes, it cannot dive but if you enter water it will automatically switch to swimming.

-If my wolf rolls in mud, will it get dirty?:
Yes, details are intended to be secret.

-Will there be lightning during storms? If so will it effect anything?:
Yes, what can happen due to it, and to what extent, is intended a secret.

-Will there be natural disasters?:
Yes, not many, and only ones which make sense for the enviorment, but we really want this one a surprise, so it is a big secret.

-Will there be humans in this game?:
No, Primitive call wishes to explore nature without human involvement. However, traces of them will appear, how much so is intended a secret.

-Why are so many of the environment involved features of the game a secret?:
Secrets, secrets, secrets, I am sure you are tired of that word. Because the game enviorment and features are the main things we wish to suprise players with.

-Is the game going to have a single player mode?:
No, only multi-player.

General Questions;

-Do Staff Play the Game?:
No, we do not. We've been getting complaints from members bragging about how it's not 'fair' that the Staff get to play and the members don't .. the staff aren't playing Primtive Call, we're working on developing it for you.

-Can we Create our Own Markings and Maps?:
No, you cannot at the current time. We may open the, "Help Us.." thread and ask for your suggestions and ideas, but that'll be all. We appreciate your support though.

-How Long have you guys worked on the Game?:
Roughly for about four Years.

-What programs are being used to make the game?
A variety of programs is being used including Blender, 3DS Max, and Unity.

-How do I become Staff?:
We don't have any applications for Staff, the Staff of Primitive Call carefully watch over the members and decide which member deserves the Rank.

-Are the staff professionals?:
No, the staff of Primitive Call are of various ages & stages of education. Some of us are pursuing a career in game design while others have different goals. In other words we are not professional game designers, we do not get payed to make this game, do not have set work hours, and have lives outside of this game.

Forum Questions:

-How do I create a Thread?:
It's simple. Go to the board where you wish to create a thread, [ and make sure you're creating your thread in the correct location ] and at the top right corner of the board, you'll see a button that says, "Create a Thread".

-What do the Paw Prints in my Name Mean?:
The more active you are the higher your post count, based on post count your rank will increase giving you a new title and higher number of paw prints! The more paws, the more active you are as a member, the more paws as staff the higher your rank.

-What do colored names mean?:
Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange names mean the member is part of staff, red names are for normal members, red + white or +gold are also members who have joined a special pack or group.


Local Howl- Question from staff: "What do you think is missing from animal games that are out in the world already? What do you crave most? " We want your opinions!
CrOwMega: So far: some lore, emotive characters, be hunted by others?, swim/dive (temporary dive, of course)?, digging (not sure for what)? It seems most things have been covered that I would love to see, so kudos! keep up the good work! Mar 19, 2020 23:27:08 GMT -5 *
CrOwMega: tripping over a log if a jump failed, or slipping on ice. not sure how difficult that would be to implant, but its fine if it can't be implemented, its more of an added flair anyway Mar 19, 2020 23:34:13 GMT -5
SpazzySpiritWolf: I always loved a more diverse scenery and biomes. For example, woodland, plains, and arctic biomes are more common in games, but places like deserts, beaches, islands, or "dead" areas can create a more unique environment for players and encourage Mar 20, 2020 16:06:19 GMT -5
SpazzySpiritWolf: ...unique storylines with it :) Mar 20, 2020 16:06:37 GMT -5
SpazzySpiritWolf: Another thing is being able to interact with the scenery (like breaking twigs or being able to move rocks etc.). Sort of similar to what Crow said, but again it does sound like a lot of code to implement. But you're doing am amazing job wLif! Cheers to you Mar 20, 2020 16:14:29 GMT -5
kegnn: I haven't been on this forum in months, how is everyone ;'D Mar 21, 2020 12:27:53 GMT -5
kegnn: also I agree, I love when games have diverse climates in different locations of a map Mar 21, 2020 12:29:03 GMT -5
skarah: oh ye ye Mar 23, 2020 1:30:32 GMT -5
CrOwMega: I just remembered another thing, hanging off cliffs and seeing the character struggle and if you hang too long you fall. Again, not sure how that would work, but it's fine if it won't happen. Mar 23, 2020 13:05:13 GMT -5
kegnn: ohh, I think it's really cool when like the character is running and then comes to an abrupt stop, they kind of like do that slide thing instead of just stopping dead in their tracks. Mar 26, 2020 13:28:21 GMT -5
kegnn: I feel like that adds a lot of realism and makes things really smooth Mar 26, 2020 13:28:42 GMT -5
CrOwMega: That too. I really like those kinds of things, makes it feel more lively. Like if you suddenly stop and turn, or make a sharp turn and the character acts as though it's difficult to stop and do it gracefully. Mar 26, 2020 22:02:20 GMT -5
Misty: I think some games are missing the hunting aspects being realistic Mar 29, 2020 16:33:38 GMT -5
kegnn: how do you mean? Mar 31, 2020 17:29:07 GMT -5
kegnn: Oh I've also appreciated when there are like animations for slower speeds. Like not just walking or running, but also trotting. Apr 4, 2020 15:17:01 GMT -5
CrOwMega: Just thought of something, crouching/crawling, and, when hunting (I'll have to re-check the forum about this) there could be a detection gauge and if you're spotted the screen can light pulse/flash with a dull sound or just say you've been detected/noticed Apr 7, 2020 15:30:52 GMT -5 *
Lifeon: So yall mainly want diverse world and really responsive movement/character, tall orders but certainly things Ive planned for, I asked this question mostly to check the plans are Apr 8, 2020 4:02:51 GMT -5 *
Lifeon: still in line with what people actually want Apr 8, 2020 4:03:00 GMT -5
CrOwMega: Only if it's possible. If not, I'm perfectly fine with it. Understandably, it's a tall order and mostly "flair", and some things can be added or changed later, I believe. But, for me, yes, I think that covers it. I do apologize if it appears demanding. Apr 8, 2020 18:34:07 GMT -5
Lifeon: Oh yeah don't sweat it! It's my job to figure out how to give you guys what you want, complex or not I can still always find middle grounds, so don't worry about if it's too much or not because it is just in general a question of what you want Apr 9, 2020 5:11:20 GMT -5 *